Michele Spanghero – 2020

Michele Spanghero was born in 1979 in Gorizia, Italy. He lives and works in Italy. Michele Spanghero graduated in Modern Literature from the University of Trieste and has participated in various workshops in electronic music, improvisation, sound and video design. His preferred mediums are sound installation linked to acoustic principles, sculpture and photography. Known for his sound-emitting sculptures, the result of sound recordings of empty spaces, the artist is often associated with the discipline of Sound Art. His work has been exhibited and presented in museums, galleries, clubs and festivals in different European countries, China, Turkey, United States among others.

The sculpture Dià (from the Greek διά, “through”) combines the dimensions of silence and sound. It consists of two trunks assembled according to the golden number, through which the spectators can listen or observe the surrounding landscape. The device invites the audience to interact with both cavities as with a megaphone or peephole in order to engage in an intimate dialogue (dià-logos) through the sculpture itself.

This sculpture has been on display in the gardens since 2020.