Do you deliver outside Switzerland?

Yes, we deliver throughout Europe.

Are some iris more resistant than others?

As a general rule, darker colours (blue, purple, black) are more resistant than lighter colours, but it also depends on the variety.

Can iris change colour?

No. If they change colour, it means they are planted too close together and the darker colour is dominating the lighter one.

Do iris multiply?

Yes, they can be divided into three every two years.


Do iris flower the first year?

Normally, yes. Occasionally, a newly-planted iris won’t flower in its first year, but will flower the following years.

Why might an iris not flower?

Rhizomes that have been planted too close together may not flower, or might stop flowering, in which case they should be divided and replanted further apart.


Should I plant my rhizomes as soon as they are delivered?

Yes. If you can’t, they can be left in the open box, in a cool place, for up to a week.

Will iris grow at any altitude?

Yes. Smaller iris will do better at certain altitudes as they won’t be damaged by gusts of wind.

What’s the best soil for planting iris?

Iris are happy in ordinary garden soil or wine-growing soil, as long as it’s aerated.

What type of fertiliser should I use?

Ordinary garden fertiliser.

How often should I fertilise?

Once before flowering and once after flowering.

Can I grow iris in a container?

Ideally no, as iris like to have room to develop. If you do want to grow iris in a container, make sure it’s big enough.


Do iris need sun?

Yes, iris should be exposed to sunlight for at least half the day, but the more sun they get the better.

Do iris need to be watered?

Yes, when planted. After that, they should only be watered if the soil is very dry. Iris don’t like moisture.

When should iris be divided?

After flowering, i.e. between end July and early October.

Do iris need special care in winter?

No. Just cut the foliage back in early autumn.

Should I cut the foliage and stems?

Cut the stems after flowering to prevent rot. Cut the foliage (10 to 15cm) in early autumn.

Why do iris rot?

Iris can rot if they get too much humidity. Always keep the ground around iris clear of weeds and leaves so that air can circulate.


What is the delivery time?

You can select, when you place your order, the month in which you wish to be delivered (August, September or October).

Do you deliver outside Switzerland?

Yes, we deliver throughout Europe.

What the delivery cost ?

We charge between CHF 10.00 and CHF 15.00 for shipping in Switzerland and other European countries. CHF 10 for orders of less than 10 pieces and CHF 15 for orders of more than 10 pieces. The shipping costs are free for orders of CHF 150 or more.