Exhibition Monologue à deux

June 13 to August 30, 2024


Joëlle Cabanne and Laure Boulay

There are two of them, each with their own language. Behind the works, the monologue of their hidden emotions is revealed: a different path for each of them, but a journey that may be more similar than it seems in the world of emotions. Joëlle expresses herself through color, specifically blues. Her work on canvas in indigo ink plunges you into an imaginary world that resonates with you. Laure gives life to wax to reach bronze and unfold all that’s inside her. Both take you beyond mere perception, inviting you to connect with your own essence. An introspective journey in which everyone can find their own vibration.

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Two talented artists

Laure Boulay, a French-Swiss sculptor born in Morocco, breathes life into emotions through her sculptures in bronze, iron and aluminum. Her journey from journalist to sculptor highlights her passion for expressing human emotions frozen in time. His art, presented in renowned galleries and at international events, testifies to his ability to capture the essence of universal emotions. Works such as “La Burqa”, exhibited at the Museo delle Belle Arti, resonate with intensity and continue to captivate visitors to the Galleria Brancacci. In 2021, the Museo Tuscolano-Scuderie Aldobrandini di Frascati showcased his remarkable work: a six-by-two-meter iron wall adorned with fifty aluminum arms of women, bearing loud and clear the message “Enough!” Today, her latest creation is on show at the prestigious Galleria Brancacci, where she continues to delight visitors with her talent and ability to express deep emotions through sculpture… Read more


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Introducing Laure Boulay


Brave New Word


La tribu

Le chien de Langkawi


Running on Empty

Soul box

Urlo Muto



Joëlle Cabanne, born in Geneva in 1976, is a painter renowned for her deep, mysterious works, mainly in indigo ink. For over 20 years, the artist has developed her own working method, expressing herself through color in creative cycles punctuated by ritual stages that take her to the heart of experimentation in the artistic process. She creates captivating canvases that express a dialogue between the concrete and the intangible, offering her public an exploration of human emotions. Socially and ecologically committed, she donates part of her sales to associations for the protection of biodiversity. Her talent was recognized internationally when she was selected by UN-WATCH to design the Human Rights Award trophy for Vladimir Kara-Murza. In 2023, she was also chosen to design the trophy for the Prix Éthique Suisse award ceremony, organized by the HEIG-VD… Find out more