Carte des balades à thèmes.

Architecture and Heritage: a 360° tour of the Château

Welcome to this 360° discovery of Château de Vullierens. Walk in history’s footsteps, from the thirteenth-century medieval vestiges to seventeenth-century French architecture and contemporary art.

Begin by zigzagging among the geometric – and kinetic – rose beds in Dorianne’s Garden. Continue with a stroll across the terraces, which are built on the walls of the original fortress. Take time to contemplate the imposing architecture and enjoy the stunning views across the old orchard, the vines and the lake.

Carry on for a few metres, around the tower, and admire what remains of the original construction. Travel seven hundred years back in time by following the ramparts of the fortress that was built in 1308 by Pierre Duin. Continue along the path and you’ll come to a second tower, also part of the medieval fortress. End with a stroll along the old moat, now a water garden.

Please note that this walk is not suited to visitors with limited mobility or in wheelchairs.


At Château de Vullierens we have roses by the thousand. The wall of the old vegetable garden alone is planted with more than four hundred. The Rose Walk gives pride of place to this beautiful scented bloom. You’ll meet some surprising characters along the way, from Gertrude Jekyll to The Generous Gardner, as you stroll from garden to garden, from Dorianne to Doreen to the Secret Garden. Our collection of more than two thousand rose bushes in bloom makes a spectacular sight – and a wonderful walk!


The Château’s gardens are home to some exceptional ancient trees. Meet these giants, certain of which tower more than forty metres above us, along the Tree Walk. Fifteen different species are represented. The map of the gardens will help you locate these leafy ancestors, and tell you more about them.

Among the most impressive are the tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) that was planted in 1720 and is believed to be one of the oldest in Europe, and the giant redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum), the second-tallest tree in the gardens.

A recent study carried out in the United Kingdom has scientifically proven the positive effects of trees on human health. For example, a walk in the forest can leave us feeling happier for up to seven hours after. So don’t feel shy about touching the trees or embracing them to benefit from their natural force.

Grape varieties

A stroll through the grape varieties with a view of Lake Geneva and the mountains and wine tasting ! Discover our six grape varieties that make up our 6-hectare vineyard. A didactic walk between irises, rhododendrons, peonies, vineyards and contemporary sculptures. Chasselas, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Gamaret, Garanoir and Galotta will no longer have any secrets for you. And don’t forget to visit the historic cellars of the Château and taste our 5 wines in our shop, cheers!

Interested in having a private guide tour ?

We can offer you a tailor-made offer for any group of at least 10 people announced in advance by email or telephone.

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Guided tour: History, culture, iris varieties and sculptures. French/English/German. Duration 1h30. Reservation required.

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