Activity for families – King Lizard opens the doors of his kingdom to the visitors. Sheltered from the trees, it shares its treasures and history with young and old.

Born from a generous nature sculpted by time, a kingdom is revealed to children. At the bend of a path under the secular trees, it tells the story of King Lizard. As if emotions and senses had been captured in their bark, dozens of trees facetiously hide the personality several characters. A world made of nature, to touch, to see, to listen and to feel. The King Lizard’s Kingdom is a tribute to the richness of a preserved nature that generously offers its treasures. Let your imagination and creativity run free and it will become your Kingdom.

Practical information

  • The King Lizard’s Kingdom is an integral part of the Château de Vullierens estate, the entrance fees are CHF 17.- for adults, CHF 14.- for seniors and CHF 5.00 for children aged 5 to 16.
  • Take advantage of this space as long as you wish, it takes at least 1 hour to make the tour. The entrance to the Kingdom is about 500m from the castle.
  • The path is accessible with some strollers, if necessary they can be left at the entrance of the Kingdom under your responsibility.
  • In the event of strong wind, it may be that the Kingdom closes for security reasons, feel free to ask at the entrance.
  • The King Lizard’s Kingdom is in a natural and preserved environment, children are under the exclusive responsibility of their parents.
  • A picnic area is available (be careful, it is forbidden to have a picnic in the gardens).

A day dedicated to families awaits you in the heart of the Lizard King’s Kingdom!

On Sundays, August 11 and October 27, 2024, an all-day event is organized, with exciting free activities for children aged 4 to 10 (admission to the estate is free from age 5).

On the program:
– A storyteller will recount the forest, the Lizard, elves and other magical stories. Storytelling times: 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
– A landart workshop will enable you to create a butterfly using nature. Schedule: available all day.
– A guide from the Maison de la Rivière will introduce you to macroscopic invertebrates, small living creatures found in our ponds, lakes and streams. Schedule: 10.15 a.m., 2 p.m. and 3.30 p.m.

Online ticket purchase recommended. To ensure maximum comfort and because the number of participants is limited, please reserve your time slot (for the whole family!): morning (10am-1.30pm) or afternoon (2pm-6pm).

What if you came on a school run in the King Lizard Kingdom ?

We propose 2 packs :

  • N°1 : CHF 70.00 which includes 20 children’s entries (5-16 years old) + 2 adult entries
    N°2 : CHF 90.00 which includes 20 children’s entries (5-16 years old) + 2 adult entries + the Book of the King Lizard Kingdom

Entrance valid for the whole day
Picnic area available
Accessible by public transport

To help you prepare for your school run, download our FAQ.

Information + reservation : / 021 869 88 80

A children’s book (2 stories) in French and English is on sale at the garden shop and on our online shop.

Design and realization of the games: Isabelle Monnier, Carole Monnier, Willy Reverchon
Panels and reading tables: Publicity shop
Graphic design: STL Design
Illustration : Albin Christen
Text: Blooming Companies sàrl
Wooden realizations : Sylvain Miaz (Passion Forêt), Gérald Monnier
Realizations in iron : Sébastien Cattin

Book King Lizard’s Kingdom
Publisher: Bthe1 Communications
Author: Gaëlle Gygax-Zosso
Illustrator: Caroline Aellen