The Secret Garden

This garden takes the name of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s much-loved children’s novel, fuelled by her love of gardening and her equally fertile imagination. The sense of mystery and enchantment instilled in both the book and the garden is reflected in Sara.H’s five sculptures and in the two Trees of Life, the work of ceramic artist Monique Duplain. Step through the weather-worn wrought-iron gate and breathe in the sweet perfume of honeysuckle. Further into the garden are small copses of flowering apple trees, guelder rose and wonderful ninebark with its dark chocolate-coloured foliage. To the right, down a rustic path, old garden roses saturate the air with their exquisite fragrance : “Blanc Double de Coulbert”, “Jacques Cartier”, “Rose de Rescht”, “Stanwell Perpetual”, “Hansa”. Here, at the lowest point of the garden, visitors can cross over the stream that darts between Etienne Kr.henbühl’s meandering sculpture, L’Imbisse. The drawbridge that once led to the medieval castle is nearby. On the other side of the stream, tiny Japanese primroses form whorls of colour. Further still, a dovecote unexpectedly glistens : its mirrored doors catch the sun and reflect light into the garden.