Carles Valverde 2018

Carles Valverde is an artist from Catalonia, born in 1965. He has lived in Switzerland for nearly 30 years, barring an eight-year interlude in Majorca. He studied at the Llotja School of Applied Arts in Barcelona and was inspired to create art himself by the works of Eduardo Chilida and Richard Serra, and by Max Bill’s concrete art. Carles Valverde is a sculptor first and foremost, but his practice resembles that of a painter who combines a diversity of parts into a united whole. From monumental metal works to paintings, drawings and installations, everything is in harmony. Valverde’s work is characterised primarily by minimalist, rectilinear shapes. He is a ‘builder of space’, always true to his own style – which has been described as austere – yet equally happy to experiment with different materials and techniques. Static sculptures contrast with lighthearted, animated installations that exist as extensions of space and time.

In Switzerland, his work can be seen at the Institute of Technology in Lausanne, at Bex & Arts, at the Louis Moret Foundation, as well as in several galleries and private collections. Carles Valverde has also exhibited in Spain, Poland and Germany. From Spring 2018, one of his works joins the collection at Château de Vullierens.