Laurent Dominique Fontana

Swiss-born artist Laurent Dominique Fontana studied architecture and fine arts in Geneva. His work often tackles the tragic tension with which the human condition is fraught : suffering, love, solitude, determination. These are characteristics found in his work as a sculptor ; a hand-to-hand combat with vital materials : stone, wood and time. There is always a paradoxical element to his portrayal of humanity : male and female figures, dreaming or warring, cross empty spaces with intensely powerful gestures – infinite, voluptuous, tense, elusive, like life itself.

In the shade of tall limes, by the old moat, stone figures convey love, strength and sensuality. Away from the exuberant flower displays, a couple 2.5 metres high and two 1.7 metre solitary figures contemplate the blondness of the shell sandstone from which they are made.