Etienne Krähenbühl

Sculptor Étienne Krähenbühl was born in Vevey in 1953, attended the Lausanne School of Fine Arts, and went on to train in Paris and Barcelona before setting up his “laboratory of the imagination” in Yverdon, where he defies the laws of physics. Working with metal requires immense physical effort, and yet his tons of steel appear poised to fly off to another world. The artist uses the contrasts, textures and reflections inherent to metal to evoke something mysterious and far away, and builds on the different forms they take : empty/full, polished/corroded, flexible/ stiff. In two very different ways, he explores his materials’ many possible states. One uses the effects of time and water on iron, steel or even paper ; the other revolves around innovation with materials such as memory alloys and super-elastic nickel-titanium alloys. 12 sculptures in the gardens

The last one installed (in 2020) :

Totem on the Collonges Terrace of Portes des Iris.